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Monday, November 8, 2010

The mad paving marathon is finished at Rancho Relaxo

Last circle finished
Originally uploaded by JacquelineHill
We are doing a ridiculously out of control lot of renovations to our property on acreage at Bellbowrie, on the western outskirts of Brisbane.

We decided that we didn't want to look at asphalt from all the front windows of the house, that an arty paving design would be nicer to look at. So Phil (hubby landscaper) and I came up with this circular design and drew it all up in AutoCAD with dimensions.

It took several months, 7 full pallets of pavers, mountains of concrete, several sets of kneepads, and Phil wore all the fingerprints off his hands in the process. We have photos of all the stages along the way in the Flickr page :
- if you click on the set at the RHS called The Mad Paving Marathon, you can see all the photos.

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