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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Brisbane's Newest Art Gallery!

Seahorse in Gallery
Originally uploaded by JacquelineHill
Christmas Art Exhibition

We are opening up our new little studio gallery on our property at Bellbowrie for the first time this November, for a month-long Christmas exhibition called "Tiny Treasures". The exhibition will feature lots of LITTLE paintings for TINY prices in a SMALL friendly gallery.

It will be open every day of November. You can get a copy of the invitation to print and share if you click here.

Here is what the front of the invitation looks like:

Tiny Treasures

Postscript Dec 2010:

Well, an amazing outcome from the Christmas exhibition 'Tiny Treasures' - I sold 43 paintings, (wow) ranging from $40 to $6000. That was the best exhibition result yet, in my third year of solo exhibitions! Met lots of new clients, and have lots of new fans, especially in the local area, who are now aware to the lovely little gallery right in their own suburb. The gallery will be open all year round by appointment (call us on 07 3202 9991 first before visiting).

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